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Energy Training Systems for Men

Highly Sensitive Men [Online Support]

Respond better to daily challenges as a Highly Sensitive Male with these tools, meditations, diet plans, and more...


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  Yogi Bhajan told me, “You need to wear big Amethyst because everyone loves when you come though a room because you walk out with all their garbage. Wear a large Amethyst so it can clear you.”

I’m sharing this so you know that I have developed a lot of tools to do the things that have helped me and others not take everything home with us. I trust if this sounds or feels like you then let me share what I have found works after a very long study and sharing these with thousands of other Highly Sensitive People.

  • You often can’t tell where you stop and start
  • You often feel overwhelmed by noise or crowds 
  • You feel you tune into peoples pain bodies whether you want to or not.

Sometimes you are told this will help you:

  • Anti anxiety medication might help
  • Going out only into non crowded venues
  • Don’t be so sensitive 
  • learn how to shut it off

Wouldn’t you love to know some real life tools that could strengthen you without you losing your sensitivity? 

That is what I want to share. There are systems in your being that if you strengthen them they will protect you. Not by numbing out nor taking drugs but by working with those systems. 

  • Your Nervous system that is highly tuned but often super delicate and can short out easily. 
  • Your Magnetic field which is your true protector and can be a collector. 
  • Your arcline that records what is coming at or towards you offers you protection and is your radiance gauge. 

I am offering you simple ways to work with these systems. To know 

  • How to charge yourself before you leave home
  • How to be able to clear yourself when you come back home so you don’t carry it all with
  • How to not leave home in a delicate susceptible state. 
  • How to quickly recover after a challenging situation or conversation

So you can be you AND have an easier time navigating this place, this world we call home.

If this sound good for you, then please go here and see how you can be part of something that can truly serve you. Not change you but uplevel your experience of being here as a highly sensitive being.